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Federal Budget 2020: What it Means For Your Business

Budget time for Australia. There are some huge wins for businesses in 2020’s budget. We investigate and list some of them:

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Guide: Selling Cars Privately

Guide: Selling Cars Privately

Selling a car privately can be nerve wracking. But there’s help. This guide covers everything from photos to features to pricing:

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Cheap Degrees With Guaranteed Jobs

Degrees With Guaranteed Jobs

Looking for the degree that doesn't weigh too much on your wallet but has strong job growth potential? These five are worth considering.

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Mitsubishi Introduces 10-Year Car Warranty

Mitsubishi Introduces 10-Year Car Warranty

If approved by ACCC, the Japanese carmaker will become the new car brand in Oz to offer the longest car warranty, a reputation now enjoyed by Kia. While impressive, there is a catch to the offer that may repel buyers.

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Smiling boy pointing at burning vehicle

How to Protect Your Car From Your Kids

It is almost impossible to keep your car clean and well-maintained at all times, especially with curious kids around the house. You can, however, employ strategies to minimise the possible damage that your little monsters can inflict on the vehicle.

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man and woman looking at clipboard

What is a Roadworthy Certificate?

If you're planning to sell your old vehicle, one of the things that you need to prepare is the certificate of roadworthiness. This in an important document that you need to secure from licensed operators. Learn how it can be obtained and used on this blog.

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piggy bank with laser beam security

5 Safe Practices to Protect Your Savings

Struggling to save money with your reduced income and plenty of competing bills to pay? With smart money management, you can successful grow and protect your savings from being spent even when unexpected expenses come your way.

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Sad Female Holding Empty Wallet

Australia in Recession: What to Expect

The country hits a record-low economic downturn. Here's what Aussies should expect during this period and what everyone can do to keep afloat and bounce back to a more sustainable economic position.

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electric vehicle charging

Australia's Best Electric Utes in 2020

With the growing demand for electric utes in the country, more and more car manufacturers are developing their own brand of EVs, from startup companies like ACE to established carmakers like Ford. Check out the most popular or highly anticipated EVs in the country today.

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happy family baking

5 Top Life Skills Unlocked During Lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown led many people to pursue new hobbies while at home. Many of these activities have become life skills that not only can help them become more resourceful and competent in their day-to-day life but can also help them become money-making entrepreneurs.

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faulty airbag deployed

155K Cars With Faulty Takata Airbags, Still on Aussie Roads

With the looming deadline of car manufacturers to recall and fix vehicles with faulty Takata airbags in Australia, the ACCC urges car owners to check if their cars have faulty airbags and have them replaced ASAP.

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Boot Comparison of Australia's Most Popular SUVs

Boot Comparison of Australia's Most Popular SUVs

When it comes to SUVs, boot sizes matter. We've listed the boot measurements of the top-selling SUVs in Australia so you won't have a hard time searching for the ideal vehicle for you and your cargo.

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dogs inside a car thumbnail

Tips for Travelling With Pets

A stressed-out dog inside a moving car can continuously bark, salivate, or pee, making the journey equally stressful for everyone. Read these tips to keep your furbabies safe and comfortable while on the road.

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car registration form thumbnail

The Basics of Car Rego in Australia

All cars in Australia need to be registered in the owner's state. However, the regulations on car rego vary across states, from the processes involved down to its cost.

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man driving while on phone

5 Types of Driver You'll Encounter on the Road

Drivers fall into different categories. The good ones make the road safer while the bad ones are often the cause of collisions and other highway accidents. Why type do you belong to?

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car loan terms

The New Average Car Loan Terms

With the rising prices of vehicles and the growing number of people taking out car loans to buy SUVs and utes, lenders are adjusting the loan terms to make financing more affordable. The popular three- and five-year terms for car loans and a thing of the past.

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travel and border restrictions in australia

Travel and Border Restrictions Every Aussie Should Know

International travel remains off-limits and domestic options are limited in Australia. Here’s what you need to know before taking on that off-road adventure you’ve been meaning to do.

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family walking towards car

How Much Would a Weekend Car Cost?

A weekend car may not hit the road as often as a daily car but it doesn't mean that it's not costly to own and maintain. These are the factors that affect its total cost of ownership.

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lego man at desk with stormtroopers

How to Cut Business Costs Without Laying Off Staff

Was your business badly hit by The Rona? You don't have to let go of your talented staff just because you need to save your business. Here are strategies for cost-cutting sans the layoff.

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red car climbing coin stacks

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Car Purchase

Want to get the best deal on your next car purchase? There are five things your need to have: knowledge, negotiation skill, practicality, time, and a car loan pre-approval.

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